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Traka Intelligent Locker systems


SECURE. MANAGE. AUDIT. The keys & assets critical to your Business!

Tablet and Laptop lockers

Traka Intelligent tablet and laptop lockers enable you to maintain total control by determining who can access your valuable assets.

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Modular lockers

Traka's Modular Lockers provide the flexible framework to create a locker system that precisely fits the needs of any organisation.

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Large Format Lockers

Specially designed for your assets and your facility, Traka's large format lockers offer a customized solution for managing a large inventory of assets.

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Temporary Storage

Traka's unique locker systems can also be offered as a simple standalone solution, to provide secure self-managed storage.

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Secure storage solutions to protect assets and automate access.

Traka's intelligent lockers solutions enable you to track your assets via our unique RFID technology. You can charge your devices so that they are always ready to issue and securely store valuable items so they don't get into the wrong hands.

Traka's secure storage solutions provide protection and security, while eliminating the need for manual distribution and collection of assets.

In environments where shared portable equipment is not always treated with respect and is prone to being lost, damaged or misplaced, the ability to identify who last used a specific piece of equipment and when, can provide essential management information.

Traka provides a very effective way to control access and trace the usage of equipment. At the same time Traka introduces significantly higher levels of user accountability and hence responsibility which often results in less damage, fewer losses and reduced operating costs for your business.

Traka's intelligent locker systems provide controlled access to laptops, tablets, smart phones, radios, weapons, drugs, R&D equipment and more, with the best in asset management and secure storage solutions.

From correctional facilities to municipal operations, corporations to educational institutions and every company in between, our intelligent lockers optimize access control.

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Traka solutions work for any industry!

Beyond simply controlling access to physical keys and assets, Traka solutions can bridge the gap in existing security strategies and empower any organization to improve the processes that affect its bottom line. An integrated Traka solution can help your business increase operational efficiency, maximize utilization and strictly enforce security and safety protocols – all from the systems you currently use.

Data Centers
Logistics and Distribution
Government and Military
Retail Banking
Property Management
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Traka Web The next generation of administration software

Traka Web is an advanced software solution, operating as a scalable, web-based administration suite that can run on any authorized device on your network.

Traka Web is our intuitive, browser-based administration software, providing all the tools an organization needs to centrally manage all Traka key cabinets and lockers. With the ability to regionalize administrative control, different areas of an organization can customize its security needs to make keys and assets more efficient and effective for the business. And with the power to integrate into existing third-party systems, Traka Web can greatly reduce administration overhead, and affect the processes critical to your daily operation.

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Traka Touch Easy user and administrator access, right at your fingertips.

Traka Touch is a user-friendly touchscreen management system with intelligence built in, providing fast access for authorized users, and powerful management tools for administrators.

With Traka Touch, users and administrators have fast and easy access to the tools they need, right from the Traka key cabinet or locker. A full audit of all transactions can be retained internally within the system or on a centralized server, scalable over multiple locations.

Traka Touch can operate as a standalone system, or interfaced with Traka Web across a local or wide area network. The software gives you control over who can use your keys and assets with access levels designated for each particular user.

Tablet and Laptop lockers

Our intelligent tablet and laptop lockers enable you to maintain total control by determining who can access your valuable assets.

While the tablet and laptop lockers identify charge and secure each device, Traka Touch and Traka Web software records all user activity and empowers you to know exactly who is in possession of any asset, in real time.


  • Centrally managed and controlled by our user friendly software, allowing you to allocate devices to specific users at specific times.
  • Unique RFID solutions allow each asset to be individually tagged, enabling you to know when it's been taken out and whether it has been returned safety, ready to use by the next individual.
  • Gives you the ability to audit who is currently using the equipment, who used it previously and when it was returned – creating 100% accountability
  • System alert notifications can be sent if a device is not returned by a designated time.
  • Charging facilities are available within the locker system.
  • Fault logging and automatic reporting can be used to lock items in place and not be dispensed until the fault has been fixed.
  • Our Lockers accommodate a wide variety of devices, for both small and large applications.
  • The tablet and laptop lockers can be integrated with HR and student databases, or existing access control systems, which makes administration effortless.

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modular locker modular locker

Modular lockers

Traka's Modular Lockers provide the flexible framework to create a locker system that precisely fits the needs of any organisation.

With a range of compartment sizes, charging options, access methods and complete integration, Traka Modular Lockers provide the ultimate solution in asset management.

Extension cabinets can be connected to the S-Series system allowing up to 540 keys to be managed from a single control pod – expandable to thousands of networked cabinets utilizing Traka Web.


  • Integrated power option for device charging
  • First-In, First-Out function ensures that the most charged device is always dispensed first
  • Options for unique asset identification via RFID tagging
  • Multiple user identification methods, including PIN, proximity reader or biometric fingerprint reader.
  • Full suite of administrative management tools using Traka Touch and Traka Web software.
  • Can integrate with access control systems to reduce administration and drive processes.
  • Advanced receptor strips come standard in each S-Series package with multiple auditing and locking options.

Applications include management of:

  • Airwave Radios
  • Mobile Phones
  • Medical Equipment
  • Controlled Substances
  • Weapons
  • Tasers
  • Bodycams
  • Secured Temporary Storage
  • Evidence Lockers
  • Disk Drive

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Custom Key Cabinets

When a customer's requirement falls outside of our standard locker systems, Traka can develop custom key cabinets that works precisely for the organisation's needs.

From detailed integration requirements for a specific technology, to enterprise-level control over a large inventory of critical assets, Traka engineers can design the idea custom key cabinet for your organisation.


  • Any size, number and combination of compartments to suit your needs.
  • Compartments can be designed and modified to best accommodate your specific assets.
  • Compartments can be wired for power, data connectivity and RFID asset identification
  • A number of different assets can be tracked and managed within a single instance through Traka Touch or Traka Web administration software.

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temporary storage

Temporary Storage

Traka's unique locker systems can also be offered as a simple standalone solution, to provide secure self-managed storage.

This locker option is ideal for situations where temporary storage is required, often in a multi-user environment where there is a large number of users needing short-term storage. These systems are perfect for personal belongings or valuables, or when visitors must temporarily store items that are not allowed within certain areas of a facility.

With no network connection or software support needed, these lockers can be easily installed anywhere they are needed.


  • Access via PIN, proximity card or biometrics.
  • Automatic allocation of the next available locker.
  • No requirement for pre-programming or assignment.
  • Simple and intuitive operation via the integrated touch screen.
  • Full battery backup and manual emergency override.
  • Size, shape and finish to suit your requirements.
  • Optional integrated charging options for electronics.
  • Standalone "plug-and-play" operation.

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