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How to efficiently Manage your Healthcare facility keys & equipment?

JAN 20 2021
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The mainstay of Healthcare facilities is security, safety and health in order to provide the best care for their patients. A pioneer in Key & Asset management, Traka helps hospitals maintain this by providing a better way to manage physical keys, vendor badges, laptops and tablets, fleet vehicles, drugs and hazardous materials, etc.

The access control needs of those on the front lines are changing by the minute. Hospitals are encountering new challenges in maintaining operational protocols and being expected to do more with very limited resources while giving critical staff the support they require. Considering the current global crisis, you need complete oversight over sensitive keys and equipment to keep hospital safety and security a top priority. Traka’s key management solutions for hospitals can provide solutions to control, manage and audit your keys and assets to reduce downtime, hold staff accountable and preserve restricted access by assigning each individual user selected access rights.

Traka’s intelligent management solutions ensure total accountability and visibility over protected items, while providing fast and convenient access to those working hard on the front lines.

Amid the current pandemic, the move towards automated exits, entrances and security systems are seen as the solution for hospital asset management and access management.

Below are the various features to consider within the healthcare sector.

Key Management

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Through Traka’s Electronic Key Management Systems, sensitive keys or assets of the hospital do not leave site, depending on your requirements and don’t fall into the wrong hands. This is done by assigning unique access restrictions to facility keys and sensitive areas for better security. As mandated by the government, while maintaining social distancing protocols during COVID-19 Pandemic or any such precarious situations, controlled and automated access can be given to authorized users in just seconds. One can track key usage, identify when keys are taken and returned, and by whom and subsequently also get automatic alerts via email when keys are not returned on time.

Drugs Management

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With key management and security locker systems, you can control and manage the amount issued and to which patients. When a nurse needs to access the drugs cabinet, we can set up a dual authorization process which requires staff and a senior member to authorize the transaction with their ID credentials or finger print to stop staff for administering drugs without supervised control.

Access Management

Hospitals and healthcare facilities process a heavy footfall which comprises staff, patients and visitors. Most hospitals still operate under a sign-in / sign-out method for key issuing, leaving room for human error, whilst taking up significant administration time and effort. By installing Traka key management systems, authorized personnel can use their existing credential to access the keys they need, without depending on the security team to release them. The curfew functionality means that if a user has a key, and the time expires, it can notify staff managing the system. This is helpful from a Health & Safety point of view, as it can alert managers to the fact that a member of staff has been in a restricted area with dangerous equipment on their own for a certain amount of time.

Equipment & Vehicle Management

You can manage & control the use of laptops, tablets, radios, tools, vehicles and specialized medical equipment while creating a more secure process for handling sensitive items such as drugs and medical records, with a track of all activity. One can maximize safety and security through multiple authorizations.

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For emergency vehicles, you can get a report on mileage, fuel, hours used, and even where it’s parked. And automatically prevent access to vehicles with reported issues or scheduled for maintenance.

Drive Process Through Integration

By integrating Traka with your existing HR, access control or other third-party platforms, Traka can extend the reach of these systems to the keys, access badges, devices and equipment critical to your healthcare facility. With a custom Traka integration to an existing system, these assets now act as an instrument to drive critical processes and automate the management of critical keys and assets.

This is something we will delve into in our next article.

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